Israel Folau offload
Israel Folau came in to the season as the number 5 ranked player on Rugby Boss. Yet through 2 games he is currently ranked outside the top 100, although there were signs of life last weekend with a try and his first 3 defenders beaten. The Wallaby fullback is playing centre for the Waratahs, a position he also played for the second half of last Super Rugby season. But unlike last year where he defended from the fullback position. this year he is remaining in the line and defending in the centres. His tackle ratio of 6 made and 1 missed to date this season is not alarming, but the extra concentration required to defend from the centres may be impacting his attacking play. It’s still far too early to tell of course. He was outstanding when attacking from the centres last year and he’s really only had 1 dud game, his first.
Better times are ahead, particularly some plum games on schedule like the round 5 clash with the Rebels and the round 9 clash with the Kings. I will be shocked if he’s not a top 12 player by seasons end, and right now he is definitely a buy low target if you have an impatient Folau owner in your league.