Can we learn anything from the 26 minute cameo from Sonny Bill on Saturday night? It was a promising display, but before you get too invested in him from a fantasy standpoint, it’s worth breaking down the production.


33 metres, 3 defenders beaten, 1 clean break and 1 customary offload sounds pretty good in 26 minutes of work. But he did short change owners with a missed tackle and costly turnover.


So his 26 minutes earned him 4.3 fantasy points, which extrapolates to 13.2 fantasy points per 80 minutes or 0.17 points per minute. As a comparison, high flyers Damian McKenzie and Jordie Barrett are averaging 0.30 and 0.27 points per minute respectively.


26 minutes is obviously a tiny sample size, but before you put the mortgage on SBW, it may pay to see him bank some production first.