The waiver wire is the pool of players that are not currently part of teams in your fantasy league. On a weekly basis, you are able to bring players on the waiver wire in to your team by dropping a player currently on your team to the waiver wire.


The weekly waiver wire works as follows:

– following the conclusion of weekend games, the waiver wire priority is set within the fantasy league in reverse order of league standings i.e. the team currently in last place gets first priority, the team leading gets last priority.

– during the week, in private from other league members, you submit players that you would like to get from the waiver wire (while dropping a player currently in your team for each player you pick up)

– the waiver wire locks at midnight NZT each Thursday. At this time, the system goes through and assigns waiver wire players to teams based on the waiver priority.


As an example, if the team currently in 8th place puts in a waiver wire request for player X, the team in 7th place puts in a request for player Y, and the team in 6th place puts in a request for player X also;

then the 8th placed team will get player X added to their roster, the 7th placed team will get player Y, but the 6th placed team will miss out on changing their roster as they were beaten out by the 8th placed team.


The number of waiver wire requests per week is set by the commissioner when creating the league, we recommend 1 per week. Bear in mind that you must drop a player from your current squad to make way for a successful waiver acquisition.