The draft is often the most exciting part of the fantasy sports season. This is where you are put ‘on the clock’ and must make your player selections under the pressure and scrutiny of your fellow league members. The draft must be conducted prior to the league starting. With Rugby Boss, you can create a league and draft a team mid-season, after the Super Rugby competition has begun.  Simply agree among the league members on a time that suits all (or most) of the league members. The draft will take approximately an hour. 

To enter the draft room, go to the ‘Enter Draft Room’ link on the main menu at the top. When the draft is about to start, a green ‘Draft’ button will appear that you click to enter the draft room.

If someone cannot make the draft, they can autodraft. This means that their team will be automatically drafted for them by the system. The top ranked player available when it is their turn to pick will be taken. The autodraft setting will ensure that they fill all required player positions also. 

Snake Draft Format:

The draft happens in ‘snake’ format. When the league is created and the draft set, each member is randomly allocated a draft position. Draft position 1 picks first once the draft starts. They have 2 minutes to choose their preferred player from the available players (which is every player for pick 1). Once they have selected their pick, the member with draft position 2 is now ‘on the clock’ with 2 minutes to pick their preferred player from the remaining list of players. If a member fails to make their pick in the 2 minute timeframe, the system will autodraft that pick for them (i.e. choose the highest ranked remaining player). The draft continues as such through all members until the last member (as an example, draft position 8) gets their turn to choose their first pick. Once the last member has picked, the first round of the draft is completed as everyone has made one pick. The second round now begins with draft position 8 now getting the first pick of the second round (i.e. the draft snakes back to the start). They are followed by draft position 7, draft position 6 and so on back to draft position 1, who gets the 8th pick of the second round (16th overall pick). The draft then snakes back with draft position 1 getting the 1st pick of the 3rd round.


This snake draft system ensures that all players receive an equal opportunity to pick good players regardless of which position they draft from. For example, in an 8 team league, draft position 1 gets the 1st and 16th overall picks, while draft position 8 gets the 8th and 9th overall picks, which is fair and even.

E.g. 4 team league snake draft