Someone in the league will act as the ‘League Commissioner’. They register and create their league in 2 easy steps:

  1. Personal registration – the commissioner registers themselves in the system by providing their email address and password
  2. League creation – the commissioner creates the league.
  • For a live draft league where you ‘own’ your set of players for the season, select ‘Live Draft’ from the Game Type dropdown.
  • The league can be open to the anyone to join or restricted to friends only (who you invite in a later step).
  • The size of the league is selected from the drop down, it must be an even number and we recommend between 4 and 10 players per league.
  • The commissioner can determine how many players members can swap from the waiver wire of available players each week (more details further down – we recommend a limit of 1-2 per week).
  • The commissioner also sets the draft date and time (in New Zealand time) that is most suitable for the majority of league members to draft live. Those that cannot draft are able to autodraft where the system selects the best available team for them.
  • The size of the squad is also determined. There are 10 starters each week, so we recommend an additional 6 bench players.