You must draft an eligible team that fills each of the required positions. For the 2018 season, we have listened to your feedback and instead of having individual positions (e.g. Halfback, Fullback) players are instead divided simply into forwards or backs. Each week you need to field 5 starting forwards and 5 starting backs. Make sure you draft accordingly to ensure plenty of coverage across your entire squad for those pesky bye weeks and injuries.


Some people love to research players prior to their draft, and we will provide you with plenty of articles and videos to help you draft the best team. Some of the help we will provide includes:

Player Rankings

Players are ranked at the start of the season by us based on our research and projections on how that player will perform for the upcoming season. These rankings will be continually updated as the season unfolds, and we will also produce weekly rankings on how players are projected to perform in that weekends match based on matchups, injuries, and bye weeks.

Player rankings don’t just take into account raw points that a player might accumulate. There are other factors such as ‘value above replacement’. In a scarce position, a better player can be more valuable than their projected points would indicate, as owning that player gives you a big advantage over other league members at that position.