Sign up to create a league

Someone in the league will act as the ‘League Commissioner’. They register and create their league in 2 easy steps:

  1. Personal registration – the commissioner registers themselves in the system by providing their email address and password
  2. League creation – the commissioner creates the league.
  • For a live draft league where you ‘own’ your set of players for the season, select ‘Live Draft’ from the Game Type dropdown.
  • The league can be open to the anyone to join or restricted to friends only (who you invite in a later step).
  • The size of the league is selected from the drop down, it must be an even number and we recommend between 4 and 10 players per league.
  • The commissioner can determine how many players members can swap from the waiver wire of available players each week (more details further down – we recommend a limit of 1-2 per week).
  • The commissioner also sets the draft date and time (in New Zealand time) that is most suitable for the majority of league members to draft live. Those that cannot draft are able to autodraft where the system selects the best available team for them.
  • The size of the squad is also determined. There are 10 starters each week, so we recommend an additional 6 bench players.


Invite friends, family, or colleagues to join

Upon creation of the league, the commissioner must join that league themselves. Then the commissioner can click on the ‘Invite’ link and invite other league members. You can invite members either by sending them the shareable link, or entering their email addresses and hitting the ‘Send’ button at the bottom. If participants don’t receive the invite within an hour, it may have gone in to their Junk folder.

League members then simply Sign Up or Login, then click on the link. They will be automatically entered in to the league.


The Draft

The draft is often the most exciting part of the fantasy sports season. This is where you are put ‘on the clock’ and must make your player selections under the pressure and scrutiny of your fellow league members. The draft must be conducted prior to the league starting. With Rugby Boss, you can create a league and draft a team mid-season, after the Super Rugby competition has begun.  Simply agree among the league members on a time that suits all (or most) of the league members. The draft will take approximately an hour. 

To enter the draft room, go to the ‘Enter Draft Room’ link on the main menu at the top. When the draft is about to start, a green ‘Draft’ button will appear that you click to enter the draft room.

If someone cannot make the draft, they can autodraft. This means that their team will be automatically drafted for them by the system. The top ranked player available when it is their turn to pick will be taken. The autodraft setting will ensure that they fill all required player positions also. 

Snake Draft Format:

The draft happens in ‘snake’ format. When the league is created and the draft set, each member is randomly allocated a draft position. Draft position 1 picks first once the draft starts. They have 2 minutes to choose their preferred player from the available players (which is every player for pick 1). Once they have selected their pick, the member with draft position 2 is now ‘on the clock’ with 2 minutes to pick their preferred player from the remaining list of players. If a member fails to make their pick in the 2 minute timeframe, the system will autodraft that pick for them (i.e. choose the highest ranked remaining player). The draft continues as such through all members until the last member (as an example, draft position 8) gets their turn to choose their first pick. Once the last member has picked, the first round of the draft is completed as everyone has made one pick. The second round now begins with draft position 8 now getting the first pick of the second round (i.e. the draft snakes back to the start). They are followed by draft position 7, draft position 6 and so on back to draft position 1, who gets the 8th pick of the second round (16th overall pick). The draft then snakes back with draft position 1 getting the 1st pick of the 3rd round.


This snake draft system ensures that all players receive an equal opportunity to pick good players regardless of which position they draft from. For example, in an 8 team league, draft position 1 gets the 1st and 16th overall picks, while draft position 8 gets the 8th and 9th overall picks, which is fair and even.

E.g. 4 team league snake draft

Setting Your Weekly Lineup

Your team consists of 10 starting players plus reserves (number determined when league is created). This means that each week you can adjust your lineup by changing the starting players. Only players that are starting that week will earn you points.


Players become ‘locked’ either in or out of your starting lineup when their game for that week kicks off. So you have until kickoff to swap out starting players. Of course, if the player you want to swap in to your starting lineup has already started their game, you cannot then bring them into your starting lineup as they are locked out.


The Waiver Wire

The waiver wire is the pool of players that are not currently part of teams in your fantasy league. On a weekly basis, you are able to bring players on the waiver wire in to your team by dropping a player currently on your team to the waiver wire.

The weekly waiver wire works as follows:

– following the conclusion of weekend games, the waiver wire priority is set within the fantasy league in reverse order of league standings i.e. the team currently in last place gets first priority, the team leading gets last priority.

– during the week, in private from other league members, you submit players that you would like to get from the waiver wire (while dropping a player currently in your team for each player you pick up)

– the waiver wire locks at midnight NZT each Thursday. At this time, the system goes through and assigns waiver wire players to teams based on the waiver priority.

As an example, if the team currently in 8th place puts in a waiver wire request for player X, the team in 7th place puts in a request for player Y, and the team in 6th place puts in a request for player X also;

then the 8th placed team will get player X added to their roster, the 7th placed team will get player Y, but the 6th placed team will miss out on changing their roster as they were beaten out by the 8th placed team.

The number of waiver wire requests per week is set by the commissioner when creating the league, we recommend 1 per week. Bear in mind that you must drop a player from your current squad to make way for a successful waiver acquisition. 


Player Trades

You may trade players in your squad with players in other squads. A trade is a permanent transaction where you are giving a player (or players) to another team in return for a player (or players). On your team dashboard there is a ‘Request Trade’ button from where you can propose trades with other league members. If they accept, the trade will go through and the players are traded.



Draft Strategy


You must draft an eligible team that fills each of the required positions. For the 2018 season, we have listened to your feedback and instead of having individual positions (e.g. Halfback, Fullback) players are instead divided simply into forwards or backs. Each week you need to field 5 starting forwards and 5 starting backs. Make sure you draft accordingly to ensure plenty of coverage across your entire squad for those pesky bye weeks and injuries.


Some people love to research players prior to their draft, and we will provide you with plenty of articles and videos to help you draft the best team. Some of the help we will provide includes:


Player Rankings

Players are ranked at the start of the season by us based on our research and projections on how that player will perform for the upcoming season. These rankings will be continually updated as the season unfolds, and we will also produce weekly rankings on how players are projected to perform in that weekends match based on matchups, injuries, and bye weeks.


Player rankings don’t just take into account raw points that a player might accumulate. There are other factors such as ‘value above replacement’. In a scarce position, a better player can be more valuable than their projected points would indicate, as owning that player gives you a big advantage over other league members at that position.